Logan Canyon

This summer a friend and I decided to go for a few days hike up Logan Canyon. We walked along the river path and stopped at the Nature Center. There we picked up a hiking trail guide.

The next few hikes were to the Wind Cave and next to the Indian named campground.On our journey, we met several girls camp and scout groups. We enjoyed watching the rapid river swelling out and into campsites. The spillway, where power is generated, was fast and furious due to the snow and runoff. We enjoyed eating after and had meals at Fredrico’s Pizza, Taco Time, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a sandwich picnic. We had great weather and a good time in the outdoors. I’m sure there are more trails to hike and encourage all to get outside and enjoy nature.

To Get There: Go up Logan canyon. Turn left at Tony grove sign. It’s about 8 miles up the canyon. Trailhead starts at the Tony Grove Lake parking lot. It is well marked all along the way with signs and arrows.

The hike: about 4 hours to hike, 9-mile round trip, easy to moderate.

What to see: Beautiful meadows, very popular.

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