Log Cabin Home


From “Life of William Bailey by Elsie C. & Joseph T. Bailey”

The tall pines waved, the winds loudly roared,
No matter, keep digging away.
The wild flowers blossomed around the log cabin door,
Where we sit after mining all the day.
Few more days and our mining all will end,
The canyons so rich will be dry.
The tools on the bank shall be left for friends,
Then my log cabin home, goodbye.
Mine no more, oh never more but play
We’ll always remember the log cabin home far away.

By the old fire place we are chatting with delight,
By the blaze of the sugar pine tree.
The old cooking tools shall be left in the camp,
All ready to bake and to fry.
They all may be used by some miner on a tramp,
Then my log cabin home, goodbye.

We’ll hunt no more for the grissy in the nook,
The diggers will soon leave behind,
We’ll drink once more from the clear crystal brook,
As around the log cabin it winds.

The old oak tree under which the cabin stands,
All shady at noon where we lie.
One fond look at the old oak so grand,
And my log cabin home, goodbye.

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  1. Mr Bailey, yours was a lovely poem to read this morning! Thank you for bringing your vision into my sight, as well.

    I may have dropped a few words to even the flow, but a very few. It was the perfect length; not too short or too long. Over all, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading your poem and I look forward to reading more.

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