Living and Working in His Hometown


Danny loves living and working in his hometown. He grew up in North Ogden and attended Bates Elementary, North Ogden Junior High, and graduated from Weber High in 1982. Everyone needs to maintain their vehicles, so he sees many friends he knew from when he was young who he hasn’t seen in a long time. Today, his three locations can do anything needed for vehicle repair, bumper-to-bumper, with the exception of extensive body work. Literally, for everything else, they have the tools and expertise: tires, diagnostics, electrical, engine repair, alignment, shocks, struts, lifetime-warranty brakes, and mufflers. You only have to buy them once, and that warranty is good at all 1800+ Midas locations nationwide. They can also repair and return cars quickly to their owners, since they have three locations: The Midas at 220 Washington Blvd., the Midas in Roy, and the Midas at 3459 Washington Blvd. near Riverdale. They will move cars if one location is busy because they try to get every job done in a day or less.

Danny’s dad originally ran the first Midas store in Ogden in 1965. Danny worked there in High School, which gave him experience in vehicle repair. Eventually, he worked at several Midas locations and moved his way up into management. After managing the store at 220 Washington Blvd. for 10 years, his boss sold him that location. In 2004, Danny took over the shop in Roy and the shop near Riverdale, so that he now owns three locations.

When Danny moved into ownership, he wanted to make some fundamental changes to the way the business ran. First, he could see that mufflers were now being made of stainless steel and would not need replacing as often. Danny wanted to transition the local stores into full-service automotive centers and invest in both talent and technology to make his centers some of the top in the business. Danny invests in top-quality trained and certified mechanics. He also purchases the best equipment in the business, so they can stay up-to-date and fix any problem they come across.

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