Letter to the Editor


We recently experienced the coming together of our community during an emergency flooding situation on Mountain Road, Fruitland Drive and 1700 North in North Ogden. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to all who saw the need for help and quickly responded. Many neighbors joined in by helping fill and/or place sandbags to help protect neighboring homes. We had families of volunteers from 3 years of age to 93 years of age.

Sandbags were donated by North Ogden City, Staker Parson, E.K. Bailey Construction. Water and nourishment stations were set up for hardworking volunteers, many of whom worked tirelessly for hours, even through the night. Breakfast sandwiches, burritos, donuts, bottled waters, drinks and cups were generously donated and delivered within 30 minutes of the need being expressed to North Ogden Lee’s Marketplace. Neighbors made sack lunches and provided snacks; they also provided support one to another. Marco’s Pizza and Papa Johns donated pizzas. HugHes and Ogden Pizzeria were eager to help by providing meals for volunteers on Thursday. However, the cooler temperatures and efforts of many volunteers and city workers allowed for volunteers to stand down.

We wish to express our sincere thanks for all who were involved. We are full of gratitude for the generously given time, prayers, service, and goods. We feel blessed to have witnessed how our community came together to save our neighbor’s homes from damage this last week. The knowledge we gained about our community gives us hope and courage as we continue preparing for floods or other natural events we may be facing together in the future.

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