Letter From Mayor North Ogden


I During the month of March we usher in the season of spring. It is a time when the earth begins a renewal process. It is a time when the earth awakens to a newness of life after the winter season. The flower buds, the leaf buds, and all vegetative growth begin to emerge as the earth takes on its fresh image.

It is a time when each of us should reflect on goals, opportunities, and a new direction that will bring about a brightness of hope and peace in our own lives and our families. It is a time to reflect on the wonderful opportunity we have to live in North Ogden City. We have a great staff of employees who work hard to keep us comfortable and protected. Their skills and dedication are appreciated as we enjoy their service to our community.

We are also working on plans for the future of your City. We are seeking input from City government, staff, and citizens regarding the direction our City needs to be moving. It includes recreation, infrastructure, development, and business opportunities.

Spring is a metaphor for change. Some changes we eagerly await, and some we are not comfortable with. Some changes we plan and others arrive uninvited. To all these changes, we seek the gift of your perspective, beckoning us to an expectation of hope and rebirth. May the sunlight and rain be reminders that we as citizens of this City need to unite and work together for the common good of everyone. Open your eyes to the changes that need to take place in your lives and awaken to a new life with perspectives that will benefit our friends and neighbors.

-Brent Chugg, Mayor

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