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Over the past several years, the city phone system has undergone several changes. The recent phone tree was set up to help residents get their needs taken care of by connecting all phone lines by calling any city number; but have you ever wondered if you were selecting the right option? To help answer that question, here is a quick cliff note version to help you navigate the phone tree like a pro.

City Hall and Public Works Phone Numbers
801-782-7211 or 801-782-8111
Option 1: Police Department (see below)
Option 2: Xpressbillpay–City utility payments until 6 p.m.
Option 3: Public Works–Utility bill questions, trash collection, streets, right of way questions, and water concerns.
Option 4: Building & Planning–City Hall, voting questions, human resources, building permits/questions, planning, building inspection scheduling, the city recorder, and council meeting questions.
Option 5: General Questions

Police Department
Option 1: Non-Emergency Dispatch–Register code. enforcement or animal control complaint
Option 2: Court–Court questions or ticket questions.
Option 3: Dog licensing, paying a fine, or following up on a previously reported complaint.

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