Julie Anderson for City Council

Julie Anderson responses to questions

1. Please discuss the value you attach to the following places and events in North Ogden:

Each of these things is great things within our city. So I have listed them in my value order
and why City Parks – Parks and green space are an integral part of this city. We need places where
we can come as families and groups to enjoy the beauty of this city. I feel we need to be
placing a greater value on our parks.

Cherry Days: This, is a treasured part of our city. However, I do not feel that we are really
making this the event it could be. The parade has become more about the candy than those
who are participating and it would be nice to see something in addition to the commercial
floats. There are so many things we could do to expand it.

Sr. Citizens Center. This is a great place and something that is a great asset to our
community and the seniors who use it on a daily basis.

Chalk Art Festival: This was my first year attending and I thought it was great. I think this
should continue to be a part of our city. I also think this could be expanded beyond what we
are currently doing.

N.O. Limits Half Marathon: While I am not a runner. I believe that promoting all aspects
of what people like to do within the city is great and we should continue providing these kinds
of activities.

AYSO This is a great program. However, sometimes it overshadows and displaces other
sports. I think the use of our parks should be done with deference to all sports. Even those
that are not as large as this program.

North Shore Aquatic Center: This facility is just fine as it is. I don’t feel that we need to spend anything more than we do now

2. The North Ogden Plaza (Kings and Kirt’s Family Drive Inn) has the potential for growth
which would benefit the city economically. Are you in favor of promoting more/better
businesses? If you are, how would you promote the growth?

This is a great place to promote and bring in business. As far as promoting it, we need
to incentivize the owners to spend money on upgrading the face and bringing in the
businesses that would thrive there. This would be a great place for smaller businesses.
I would need to evaluate each potential business before making a suggestion.

3. The city purchased Barker Park many years ago. A large part of the park remains
undeveloped. What would you do with the undeveloped land? If there is a cost involved to
implement your plan, how would you pay for it?

I believe the original idea of it being a park with trails and boweries and picnic areas
would still be a great thing to put into this park. However, it would be a great place for
the Community Gardens, Weber State, and Utah State agricultural programs could also
use it as small research fields. We should also have the developers help pay for the rest
of the development of the park. Developers are providing very little green space as they
build their subdivisions. They are getting rich off the city, so requiring them to donate
money toward the development of Barker Park in addition to the fees they already pay.
We would need to set up an account that is dedicated for that purpose only. As we
approach fully built out, green space opportunities are disappearing rapidly

4. Employee costs are rising each year. How do you plan to deal with this issue?

We need to always make sure that our employees are taken care of. It is a hard one to
really put your finger on when you are not involved with every day and then try and
say how to deal with it. I believe we need to be competitive and do our homework on
what other cities do to keep their employees and not have a large turnover. Retaining
experienced employees has monetary value.

5. The city does not have adequate funding to repair, replace and maintain city assets
including water, sewer, and storm drain lines, water meter equipment, vehicles and buildings.
How will you deal with this issue?

While bonding is not always the best way to go. Sometimes you have to incur debt. This
is one area that we need to make sure we are funding we need to stop robbing one
account to pay the other. I would most probably go for a bond that would take care of
those things in our infrastructure that are going to continue to fail in the future years.
Successful businesses spread capital expenditures over time with debt.

6. What would you like to accomplish while serving on the city council?

I would like to give the people of North Ogden the ability to know and understand how
they can keep this city a small town feel and yet allow the businesses and growth to
come. To help people know that they can make a difference in what is built and where.
To make sure that as the developers continue to build that they are not getting rich of
the backs of North Ogden residents without giving something back. I would love to develop the area south of the Equestrian arena into a great park that has pickleball courts, running tracks, lacrosse fields, I would also like to see the dog park moved to its permanent location

7. What are the issues that you think need to be addressed in the city?

The infrastructure needs to be our first priority. We are adding a heavy burden to our
already old system. We seem to be seeing a lot of water line failures recently.
I would also like to see our business area continue to grow. Maybe even use them in
support of our local schools or sports programs.

8. How have you already been volunteering or serving in the city?

Yes, I have through the Posse program for 27 years and I attend city council and
planning commission meetings.

9. If you are not elected, what would you do to try to help work on ideas or issues that are
important to you?

I would continue to do what I have been doing. I will monitor the city web page and
raise my voice whenever I have any concerns. I would also like to serve with the youth


*Connection Publishing does not endorse or favor one candidate over another. These questions and answers were provided by North Ogden City and each candidate was given equal opportunity to answer according to their campaigns. This information is provided here for informational purposes only. 

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