Student of the Month

Jordan ‘Chipper” Talbot

Weber High School

Chipper’s teacher, Mrs. Champi, writes that he has a cheerful attitude and knows what hard work is. “I don’t think I have seen Chipper in a bad mood or in possession of a negative attitude. Chipper has a smile that brightens the room. He doesn’t seek out attention, yet many of his peers watch Chipper with his quiet manner and sunny disposition. Champi writes that Chipper is willing to participate even when he is unsure of the answer. She adds that he is also willing to laugh at himself if his answer is not on the mark. “Whenever he has missed a class, for whatever reason, Chipper checks in to make sure that he has any and all work he may have missed. She also explains that he has a clear understanding of hard work. “Chipper puts forth effort to be a solid player of the baseball team. He has overcome challenges to be a strong example to his teammates. To top it all off, He is extremely courteous and respectful. He always treats me with respect and I cannot thank him enough for that. He has a way about him that makes people feel good about themselves, and I think that is something that the world could use more of. 

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