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Jaycee Gray Trivino Obituary

April 9, 1995 – November 19, 2022

On November 19th our sweet angel Jaycee was reunited into the loving arms of her brother Greg, forever safe and protected from the pains of this world. Her life of love, service, and devotion, complete. 

Jaycelin Gray Trivino is the daughter of Steve and JeriAnn Gray, sister of Greg and Brad Gray, and wife to Christopher Trivino. Born on April 9, 1995, she was 27 years young and lived a full and accomplished life. Blessed with many talents and qualities, Jaycee will be best remembered for her devotion to the gospel, passion to serve and lift others and love for all that knew her. As a follower of Jesus Christ, she was unapologetic in her beliefs and values. Happy and comfortable to stand alone, when necessary, as she was not a follower of the common crowd. She stands with a fist in the air. But does so with a smile. She is pure in heart and loves unconditionally.

As soon as she was old enough to walk, talk and hold a crayon, she showed an aptitude for dancing, tumbling and creating amazing artwork. Her love for dance provided many opportunities to shine on the stage and earned her a dance scholarship at WSU. Those talents opened doors of dancing as she performed in Moments of Grace, Thriller, Mama Mia, Grease, Narnia and Newsies. She will be sorely missed, and a fan favorite as “Lefty” in the Lagoon Hack-n-Slash productions. Jaycee had many opportunities to teach through her example and in study with children she taught. She choreographed many dance pieces including a duet for one of her students who had just lost her father. Performed to the song, I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me.  

Jaycee Weber High Cheerleader

Loved by so many in her Weber High School days, she was voted Jr. Prom Queen, was an outstanding tumbler and cheerleader who wowed the crowd and served as secretary in the National Honor Society. A talented artist, she received the Springville Art Scholarship Award presented to her at the Capitol by Governor Herbert. She was awarded the Greg Gray Memorial Art Scholarship and won the Federal Jr. Duck Stamp Competition for the State of Utah. Graduating with honors at WSU with a dual dance/art major. Her art experiences while at WSU provided an opportunity to continue creating amazing sculpture and art pieces. These experiences lead to a commissioned opportunity by Disney to paint a portrait that hangs in the Brides Room of the Haunted Mansion. She loved working at Liquid Cavass, expanding her knowledge there by teaching her own paint classes in countless homes. Recently hired as a full-time ceramic’s teacher at Highland Jr. High, she inspired and touched many students and faculty with her fun personality and incredible talent working with clay. The ceramics and paintings created for family are such meaningful treasures. Her own experiences inspired her to provide artwork for families who had lost loved ones. She felt this to be a significant part of her life’s mission. 

Jaycee is passionate in her love for and devotion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Following the loss of her brother who dove into the Blacksmith Fork River to save her from drowning, she turned her grief into service, following her brother’s example by serving a mission in the Winter Quarters Nebraska Mission. Many lives were touched by her strong spirit and passion for the work as eternal friendships were forged with the sister and senior couple missionaries she served with. She was often quoted as saying: “Fly On and Rock the Skies” or “Let Go, Let God.” She was a member of the Ogden Adams Ward and along with her husband had been actively engaged in attending the temple each week as they served in their callings as Old Testament Traveling Tabernacle Coordinators. 

On August 19th Jaycee was sealed in eternal marriage to Chris Trivino in the Idaho Falls Temple. Her face glowed with happiness and light when she was with him. The love they share is strong. They were always together as Chris was so supportive of Jaycees’ many extracurricular art and dance activities.

Jaycee dearly loves her family and was always concerned about the feelings of her parents and brothers. She loved the attention and teasing she got from an older and younger brother and cherished all the special time together with her mom. All those years her biggest fan supported her at every event in her life, or just a quiet mom/daughter out to lunch date. She enjoyed the outdoors and root beer floats with her dad and relished in the fact that he couldn’t beat her at Scrabble. She loved family time at the cabin and had perfected all the fishing skills taught to her by her brother Greg and Uncle Brent Tittensor. She now joins her loved ones as a “Fisher of Men.”  Jaycee will be deeply missed by all who knew her. She turned tragedy into a love for life. She served with a joyful heart touching so many lives. For all of us searching for solace in our grief she would say: “Fly On and Rock the Skies!” 

               “Heaven never seems closer than when we see the love of God manifested in the kindness and devotion of people so good and so pure that angelic is the only word that comes to mind.”             Elder Jeffrey R. Holland 

We love you Jayce. You are our angel daughter. With family, you will forever remain loved and inseparable. 

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