January’s Employee of the Month

EAnthony Bersamin

Anthony has a great attitude toward work and toward life in general. He is fun to be around and spreads positive vibes. Anthony’s dedication to the police department is evident from his willingness to help anyone and everyone with any task. He has great public relation skills and is committed to providing top notch customer service. 

A few months ago Anthony was in the city off duty. He was preparing to attend some K9 training when he heard a traffic accident come in over the radio. It was obvious that the accident was going to be bad from the information dispatch was giving, so Anthony responded to assist. Anthony happened to be the first on scene, where he found two young children trapped in the back seat of one of the cars. Both children were unconscious and seriously injured. Without hesitation Anthony began trying to free the kids. Once the kids were out of the vehicle he assisted with providing CPR to one of the victims. Anthony ended up spending the entire day working on that accident when it normally would have been his day of training.

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