It’s time to get your Crafty On!


It’s time to get your Crafty On! Patti Rogers and Holly Freestone have moved into their brand-new location on Washington Blvd, and they are ready to party! Patti started this business because she loves having fun, meeting people, and crafting. If you’ve ever wondered what Gitt’n Crafty does? Imagine gathering all your friends together for an evening of creativity and the best part is, Patti, arranges everything. She has all the materials ready for you and the space prepared. No searching for lost supplies or spending hours shopping trying to locate all the pieces for your project. Thanks to Patti, you only have to do the fun part.

You can arrange a craft party for any occasion such as birthdays, date nights, girl’s night out, family fun time, and they would make a great day-date for teenagers going to dances! Or if you are feeling crafty, you don’t need an occasion! Canvas paint parties are a favorite! At the end of the party, you are amazed at how good you really are! Kid’s paint kits are fun to take home. They include two wooden paint items, paint, brush, marker, and a picture for reference.

At Gitt’n Crafty, they do all sorts of crafts, just check with Patti for the details.

Patti can do custom embroidery for you. Just think, you can add children’s names to their towels, or create something memorable for a holiday, or even a wedding gift. Any fabric can have lettering embroidered on it. She also does custom tumblers and shirts with her sublimation equipment. Using Glowforge, she can create wood cutouts or engrave on wood; a handwritten recipe is a favorite on cutting boards. It will cut out or engrave on acrylic, and there are so many other items you can create.

Gitt’n Crafty is here to support your fun and creativity! What will you make next?

Patti and Danny Rogers live in North Ogden and their families have several local businesses that provide services to our community. Danny Rogers is the owner of the Midas Auto Shops. Come give them a try! Let’s Do This!

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