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Intervivos – Peace Legal’s Goals and Values

Thanks to all who came out and supported us at the open house for our new office location! It has been a pleasure getting to know more of you in person over these past few months. Since I started writing in your magazine, the content has been primarily about estate planning. With the opening of our 25th Street office and the partnership between Inter Vivos and Peace Legal, I wanted to provide more background on Peace Legal’s goals and values.

Peace Legal was founded by Joe Kerry who is the New York Time’s best-selling author of Common Sense. He co-wrote the book with Glen Beck during his time as Beck’s producer, over the course of a decade. Joe has deep ties to Utah, serving on several boards throughout the state. Under Joe’s management, the firm has expanded to five locations with multiple attorneys focusing in the areas of business, family, immigration, bankruptcy, and criminal law.

Peace Legal is turning the legal profession on its head. Peace Legal offers a flat fee billing option on cases that traditionally have been billed hourly. Most attorneys will ask for a large retainer and then bill against it at their hourly rate. As the retainer is depleted, the attorney asks you to replenish it or they drop you as a client. This is like writing a blank check! Peace Legal’s flat fee billing option gives you peace of mind and certainty about what your case will cost. Our clients also have 24/7 access to their case via our secure online platform so they can always see what is happening with their case.

As an attorney with Peace Legal, I focus on helping businesses limit liability and avoid litigious situations. The cost of reviewing a contract or employment agreement is worth the cost avoidance of facing subsequent liability. I recently helped a client who was facing a six-figure lawsuit because of an ambiguously written independent contractor agreement. Unfortunately, I was not hired on the case until my client had already received a demand letter from the opposing attorney and had been served with a lawsuit.

It was a stressful and time-consuming process for my client to experience the deadlines and costs of litigation while I worked to find the legal solution. After reviewing the case details, statutes, and case law, it became clear that the law was not on my client’s side, even though my client had acted reasonably. What was the problem? A simple paragraph. Because of a few poorly written sentences, my client was facing an expensive lawsuit that potentially could have led to extreme hardship or business failure. I worked with the opposing attorney on a settlement that satisfied the opposing client and saved my client tens of thousands of dollars. 

My mom always used to tell me that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Peace Legal can help you have peace of mind and protect your families and business against life’s surprises.

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