Intervivos: Our Partnership with Peace Legal

Intervivos is partnering with Peace Legal to open a new office on Historic 25th Street in Ogden. There will be an open house at the new location on April 13th

I am excited about the partnership because, although Inter Vivos and Peace Legal practice in different areas of the law, both firms have the same goal of providing peace of mind. Inter Vivos focuses on estate planning and maintaining peace between family members as assets are transferred after someone’s death. Peace Legal focuses on business and family law, making it possible for individuals and families to find peace knowing that they are protected against personal liability on the business side and providing stability for children when marriages fail.

When meeting new people who are curious about what Inter Vivos does, one of the most common questions I hear is, “What makes you different from other law firms?”  Here are the main differences:

When most people think about trusts, they think they are only for the super wealthy. Why is that? For starters, many estate planning law firms charge $7,000 to $10,000 to set up a trust based estate plan. One of the value propositions at Inter Vivos is that every family deserves an estate plan. However, it can be difficult for families to set up a trust to avoid the delays and costs of probate when the initial costs are so high. Inter Vivos has developed a model to provide quality estate planning at a fraction of what other law firms charge. Our clients still get a Cadillac service at a Honda price.

This is only possible because we have over 50 attorneys specializing in 24 different practice areas that stay up to date on the latest changes in the law. There are constant changes in federal and state laws, making it nearly impossible for one attorney to be an expert in every field. Our cooperative system allows us to collaborate with each other and handle any estate planning question that comes through our door. Our 50+ attorneys are currently licensed in 16 states, giving us the ability to handle many out of state cases as well.

The biggest benefit of setting up an estate plan through Inter Vivos is the attorney-driven process. Many attorneys will have a paralegal do the intake interview, draft the documents, and walk the client through the signing. The result is that many estate plans are boiler-plate documents with little, if any, customization to meet individual and family needs. With Inter Vivos, the attorney is there every step of the way to ask the necessary questions to create a comprehensive estate plan that meets your needs.

Stop by our new office for our open house on April 13th between 4:00 and 8:00 PM at 238 25th Street in Ogden.

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