Important Documents

“In Case of Emergency” Information

It is important to have printed copies of documents for identification and reference during an emergency and to help in post-emergency recovery.

  • Disaster supply kit inventory list
  • Emergency contact list
  • Local map with home, work, schools,
  • emergency meeting places and evacuation
  • routes marked
  • Minimum 5 days worth of cash in small bills
  • for fuel, food, lodging, etc.
  • Household/family emergency plan
  • Current individual photos of family members
  • as ID (“Has anyone seen this person?”)
  • Current group family photos
  • Photo of house with address visible
  • Photos of vehicles with license plates visible,
  • write in VINs
  • Marriage and birth certificates
  • Social Security card/records
  • Identification, driver license, passport,
  • immigration records, military ID, student ID
  • Vehicle registration and title
  • Mortgage documents
  • Will, guardianship, power of attorney
  • Personal property inventory with pictures
  • Insurance agent and policy number: life, auto,
  • home, medical, etc.
  • Diplomas, certifications, current resume
  • Military certificates and records
  • Immunization records and prescriptions
  • Budget, bills, and outstanding debts
  • Checking, savings, credit card accounts
  • Website accounts and passwords
  • Safe-deposit box location and number
  • Assets, stocks and bonds
  • Tax statements
  • Children’s fingerprints
  • Genealogy and family history
  • Religious documents: blessing, prayers, etc

These documents can be reduced in size to fit in a small photo album that easily fits in your Disaster Supply Kit. They can also be included digitally on an encrypted flash drive that includes any additional important documentation and pictures that you don’t need printed.

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