“I’m so glad I followed my instinct. It’s been such a big part of my life.”


Inside the doors of Artistic Hair on any given day, there’s a certain intuitive energy.

Skilled stylists are offering haircuts, colors, perms, styling for special events, manicures, pedicures, and more, each relying on instincts to transform clients into their most confident, beautiful selves.

It seems there has been a fair amount of intuition involved in running the business too.

Forty years ago, Judy Beckey was looking for work. Judy hadn’t planned on owning her own business, but she felt pulled to purchase the two-story building on the corner of 2600 North and Washington Boulevard. She and her husband Bruce acquired a loan and began making repairs and improvements to the building.

Soon after purchasing and opening the hair salon, Bruce fell ill. As his health declined and when he eventually passed, Judy was left to carry the salon on her own. Judy went on to keep the salon in business. She’s served thousands of clients, became involved with the community, and was even nominated as Businesswoman of the Year by YCC.

“The salon was really a blessing to us in those years. It provided income, and it provided both Bruce and me with a purpose. I’m so glad I followed my instinct. It’s been such a big part of my life.”

Flash forward to 2020. Born and raised in North Ogden, Kristy Cassity was a stylist working for Judy at Artistic Hair. Like Judy had been so many years before, she was hit with the sudden thought that she herself should purchase the salon.

Kristy’s pull toward purchasing had come up just as Judy was beginning to consider what the future of Artistic Hair would look like. So, Kristy and her husband, John, a disaster restoration contractor, purchased the building from Judy.

Today Judy and Kristy have switched roles, Judy working as a stylist and Kristy managing the business. Together they have worked to modernize the place while still maintaining a classic appeal to the clientele that have been coming to the salon for the past 40 years. Kristy feels she owes a large part of the salon’s success to Judy’s example in leadership.

“Judy is an amazing mentor, she provides advice when I need it, but she’s always open to change. Everyone here agrees, we all want to be like Judy!”

Celebrating 40 years of business this year, Judy and Kristy invite you to schedule an appointment and become part of the Artistic Hair Family. Call 801-782-2034 and make an appointment today!

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