If You Live In North Ogden City and Receive a North Ogden City Utility Bill, Then I Have GOOD NEWS!


If you live in North Ogden City and receive a North Ogden City utility bill, then I have GOOD NEWS!

Beginning in July 2015 North Ogden City began to collect a $3 month Utility Transportation Fee, which was billed on your monthly utility statement. In a recent court decision that involved Pleasant Grove Utah, the Fourth District Court ruled that the collection of this type of fee was technically a tax, and was collected inappropriately. It is anticipated this decision may be appealed by Pleasant Grove, and there is also the possibility that the Utah State Legislature may clarify the current law pertaining to this type of fee. Because of the uncertainty regarding the ability of cities to collect a Transportation Utility Fee, the city made the decision to suspend the collection of the $3 fee, and is now refunding your utility account up to $36.

The refund is based on how many times you were billed during the months of February 2019 and January 2020. For instance, if you were billed nine out of those twelve months, then you will be refunded $27.

The refund process will be reflected on the November billing statement (mailed December 1st). Please be patient and limit phones calls. The city is working diligently to provide these refunds.

If you would like to donate these funds, please send a check to North Ogden City.

If you have questions about proper procedures, city code, building permits, community events, how-to’s, or other city-related questions, please send an email to jcall@nogden.org.

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