“If kids can read, they can do anything!”

“If kids can read, they can do anything!”

Ethelyn Bradshaw, a native of California, joined our community here in North Ogden just a week before COVID-19 arrived. With nearly 20 years of experience as a reading tutor, her goal is to help struggling students improve their abilities. Ethelyn deeply believes in the value of literacy as the foundation of all academic skills. “Reading boosts confidence. Once a student has improved their reading, that success carries over into all areas of their education.”

With a master’s degree in Special Education, Ethelyn has experience teaching students with autism, dyslexia, down syndrome, or other learning disabilities, as well as those who simply need a little extra help. Skilled tutoring can make a world of difference if your student is struggling.

Reading is much more than making sounds; it’s all about deriving meaning from print. There are four fundamental language arts: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. No one is truly fluent until they master all four. Ethelyn’s curriculum focuses on each of these areas. “Your child can and will read with confidence.”

Ethelyn has moved her thriving tutoring business to our area, and she is excited to expand her reach. She works with students, one-on-one, in 45-minute sessions. She has all the materials and books needed and will arrange in-home appointments with local students. If your child needs help with reading, it’s time to get started.

(559) 356-2375

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