Household Hazardous Waste Program:

The household hazardous waste program at Weber County Transfer Station (867 W Wilson Lane-Ogden) is for all Weber County residents. The program is FREE for household quantities of hazardous waste. Small business owners may be assessed a fee depending on quantities brought in.

The hours and months of operation are everythird Saturday of the month beginning in April and ending in September. Hours of operation are 8am-1pm.

For more information please call Weber County Transfer Station at 801-399-8803.

Weber County Transfer Station encourages residents to take advantage of their FREE re-use center as well. The re-use shed contains used paint, thinners, approved pesticides and other misc. used products brought in by the public. It is available during regular business hours.

Oil- 5 gallons per day per resident – Free to drop off
Antifreeze – 5 gallons per day per resident – Free to drop off

Question:  What is the budget process?

Answer: We have had several questions come up about the budget process and how the City approves a specific budget with associated expenditures. The budgeting process is a legislative process, which means it has to be reviewed and approved by the elected officials of the City.  Most budget items are not voted upon by the general public. Currently, the Finance Department works with the Mayor and individual department heads to come up with the draft budget. This document is then presented to the City Council for their consideration. The Council holds several public meetings to discuss the various items which have been requested in the budget, often on a line-by -ine review. Most of the larger projects are Council driven projects coming from the vision/goals of the Mayor and Council members. Before a tentative budget is approved, the Council holds a public hearing where any member of the public is invited to attend and provide feedback about the proposed expenditures. Once a final budget has been approved, any changes to the amount allocated to each department or capital project need to be approved in a budget amendment. The Council may amend the budget at any time during the fiscal year (July-June) after a 14 day notice period and public hearing on the proposed amendments.

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