House to Home: The Joy of Renewing Your Spaces

Sean and Holli Green updated their bedroom with new floors and an accent wall that added texture and dimension.


I feel so blessed each day when I wake up in my bed, owned by me, in my house co-owned by me and the bank, in a beautiful part of the world. There is true joy in having a place to call home.

This last year, we took on remodeling our kitchen. It was a part of our house that was adequate. We could cook food in it, and we did. We could fit in it, and we did, but it was getting outdated and was on the small side, which we have noticed more and more as our children have grown into adult sized people. We decided it was time, and along with us, it seems most of Utah remodeled their kitchen at the beginning of the pandemic. We endured long lines at Lowes and Home Depot, along with experiencing the upset of not being able to cook in our kitchen for about two months. Despite those inconveniences, we love our results!

We rediscovered the joy that comes from renewing our space. We also reached out to the community and asked for examples from our readers of their remodeling projects, and we were so impressed by the beautiful spaces you shared with us. We also loved hearing about the joy that came to you in your renewal efforts. On our cover this month is a photo of Tana and Brett Heniger’s kitchen remodel. It turned out so beautifully — well done! You will see an example above of an accent wall created as part of a bedroom remodel by Sean and Holli Green. We love the texture lines!

View more remodel before and afters! There were many more submitted remodels, and we couldn’t print them all, so we have posted them below for you to see.

In the following posts, you will find some awesome businesses who can help you with various aspects of renewing your spaces. They will speak of their expertise and specialties, and you may find the solution to your next renewal with them. We hope you enjoy this year’s House & Home issue.

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