ShelfGenie increases your ability to access what you need beyond the front row of your shelves, and it helps you keep rotations better so food doesn’t expire. “We remove your storage and organization frustrations,” said Mike Gardner. He and his wife Rebecca own the business and serve customers all along the Wasatch Range. ShelfGenie adds more storage space than before and makes it fully accessible. For the aging or disabled, it enables easy access to all their items if they can’t get on their hands and knees to dig through their cabinets.

The pantry is where ShelfGenie really shines, since they can create 30% – 50% more usable storage space there. Mike explained that with regular shelves, there needs to be space between them, so you can reach in to grab what you need. With ShelfGenie, you pull out the shelves that can hold up to 100 lbs. at full extension. In-between shelf space isn’t necessary, and because of this, they can add more shelves. In pantries, there are usually five to start with, and then, there are typically seven to eight ShelfGenie custom shelves after installation.

Because everything is custom, they will measure your space, measure the tallest items you store, and install the next shelf just above that mark. “We understand the customer’s needs and work with them to custom design solutions,” said Mike. Not only can you customize the shelf size and the space between each, but you can also customize divider options, drawer height and style options, and the color and type of wood used. The materials used in the systems are high quality, and they also offer a lifetime warranty.

From pantries to cabinets, vanities, and closets, ShelfGenie can make a world of difference in maximizing space, organizing your home, and making it easier to find and access exactly what you need when you need it. This home renovation lends a hand every time you use the kitchen, closets, or need access to whatever you have stored in your home. On multiple occasions, I have bought spices I already had because I didn’t think I had them. It can be a pain to get a stool and pull out the contents of a cupboard to check to see what your inventory looks like. ShelfGenie can satisfy the compulsive organizer or simply make it easier for the person who just wants to know where to find that can of chickpeas she bought when they were on sale last fall.

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