Do you love a great DIY project? DIY Sun Energy is a local company based right here in Pleasant View. Our clients are homeowners who take pride in doing the work themselves or just want to save money.

Is solar still a good idea? Yes, it can be a great investment in the long term and great for the environment, especially for clean air. The cost of solar has dropped 20% over the last five years, making a system more affordable, and the federal tax credit program has just been extended and will remain at 26%. The state tax credit is up to $1200 this year.

There are advantages to installing your own solar panels. You can save several thousand dollars on the installation by doing it yourself. And once the system has paid for itself, you have free energy for the life of the equipment. The long term savings can be significant, especially if power prices go up. Systems including a battery backup will allow you to run your home even if the power is out, or can be installed in cabins or other remote buildings.

As homeowners, are you wondering if you can handle this project yourself? If you can use a drill, an impact driver, and measuring tape, you can do this. And I’ll be there to help. I want to make sure you do it right the first time, so I will get up on the roof with you and show you the tricks of the trade. I’ll explain everything and answer any questions as we go along, so your project will go quickly and smoothly. If you like this idea but aren’t ready to get on the roof yourself, I can refer you to an installation company that can handle that part of the job.

The first part of the process is creating a plan. We will help you determine what size of systems you need and get you set up on the Rocky Mountain Power clerk system for solar. As the homeowner, you will be the contractor and the installer. I will help you with the single line electrical drawing required by the city inspector, or suggest a company that can create it for you, and help you obtain the necessary city permits.

I provide the solar panels, inverters, racking, and communication system, as well as the know-how to help you install the panels on your roof. Depending on your current electrical set up, there may be other electrical parts needed, and you will want an electrician or someone with electrical knowledge to finish the wiring.

Do your part to keep the air clean, and get set up for long-term savings on energy. Call and schedule a consultation, and we can talk about your plans for solar. We can help you do it yourself.

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