North Ogden’s Post Office

The North Ogden Post Office building was built by Sidney Stevens in 1867 at 2599 North 400 East. The original structure was reportedly one of the first two-story brick buildings in Utah and operated as a general merchandise store. The upper level was used as a dance floor, and a library was housed in the building with about 100 books that were loaned out to the public.

A Z.C.M.I. store was located near 450 East 2650 North, owned by Samuel Dean. He sold his stock in the store to Stevens in 1870 and Stevens merged the two stores. In February of 1885, the store was destroyed by fire. It was hard for firefighters to control the fire due to a large stock of rifle and shotgun shells in the store. The store was rebuilt and burned again in 1911. The building was rebuilt again as a one-level structure. Clarence Barker purchased the property in about 1920. The building operated for many years as a general store with several different owners, and as a pharmacy and soda fountain for a short time in 1960.

The building was dedicated as a U.S. Post Office in November 1961. Marvin Barker owned the building and his wife Maurine was hired as the North Ogden postmistress. The Barkers also operated a franchise with Ellison Cleaners in the building. The North Ogden Post Office was closed around 1990 when postal services were moved to the Five Points area. The building was rented out for a few years and then demolished on May 5, 1998 (pictured above).


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