History-Haunted House?

Do you believe in ghosts? It seems that ghost stories come out of the woodwork around Halloween. Here’s a spooky tale from our town.

In 1851 John and Mary Ann (Ward) Orton sailed from England with their three children. Eight months later they began their new life in North Ogden. After living in a small wooden house for several years they finally built a larger two-story brick house at 655 E 2100 N. Their son, Hyrum and his wife Esther Orton lived in the house and raised 10 children there. Sadly, as so often happened in the early pioneer days, they lost a daughter, Mary Jane Orton when she was barely a year old.

Over the years, in and around the old Orton home there have been tales of seeing a little girl in a white dress. After startled witnesses see the little girl, she then disappears. When the house was being torn down in 2011, a construction worker became so frightened by something he saw that he fled from the job. The next day when he returned to work his boss asked him what had happened and he reluctantly told the story of seeing the little girl.

During the demolition of the house, photos were taken to preserve a bit of history about this North Ogden landmark. Interestingly, and maybe a little spooky too, the photos capture several “orbs” in the house. According to some, these orbs can indicate paranormal activity.

I’m not saying the old Orton house was haunted, but, well, you decide.

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