Do-It-Yourself Family Halloween Costume


Do you know what your Halloween costume is yet? Here’s some inspiration for this year. It can be quick and easy to make your own costume at home.

One year, my family and I went to Disneyland in October and decided to put together Disney-themed costumes. Our inspiration came from Tangled, because my mom already looks a lot like the villain in that movie, Mother Gothel. Finding your natural doppelganger is a great place to start for costume inspiration. That way my mom didn’t have to buy a wig to look more like the character.

From there, we all picked different characters. We had a Flynn Rider, Rapunzel, a Stabbington brother villain and even the hooked-handed aspiring concert pianist. A lot of the male costumes were consolidated from old pirate, colonial, and ancient Roman costumes. I was Rapunzel, but even though I don’t have particularly long or even blonde hair, that didn’t stop me. Instead of buying a wig, I bought some battery-powered lights to weave in my braid so my hair would glow. It was a lot cheaper than a wig and I’ve used the lights for all sorts of crafts since.

As often happens with larger families, there aren’t enough main characters for every family member to pick from. So, we had to get creative. My brother decided to dress up as an iconic item from the movie instead. He dressed up as a lantern from the climax of the movie. It was an easy enough costume too. He wore a bag over his head and cut out a hole for his face. Next, he even took the time to color the bag with the royal family’s crest from the movie. Many battery-powered lights were needed so he could wrap them all around his torso. People love a creative, yet easily recognizable costume like that. Other than the hat, he was dressed relatively comfortably. Yet all these strangers wanted a picture with him because they loved his creative take on the movie costume.

Spooky Potion Bottles


Here’s a fun craft project to add some festive Halloween spirit to your table decoration. We’ve provided a link to print out the free labels!


• Bottles: anything will do! Save your condiment jars, wine bottles or hit up your local thrift store for anything with a unique shape. Use bottles, vases, glasses, tin cans,etc.
• Spray paint in 2 or more colors. (This example uses black, silver, bronze, and gray.)
• Twine, string, or yarn
• Hot glue
• Glue & brush
• Cork, ball, bead, or knob for toppers
• Labels (See Link)

Soak bottles in hot water for 20 minutes. Use a straight edge knife to scrape off sticky labels.
Hot glue twine on some bottle necks. For a different look squirt hotglue on the top of the bottle neck and let it ooze down.
Choose top for bottle and hot glue it on.

Spray paint a base coat on. Depending on your glass color and desired look, paint a solid or light layer onto the bottle.

With short spritz, spray each bottle with a 2nd color.
Another option is to spray at the top of the neck and let paint run down.
Try spritzing more than one color on.
Play around with short bursts and longer bursts to get different effects. Spray the bottle topper or twine another color if you’d like it to stand out.

Glue labels on with craft glue. For a clean look stop here. For a grungier look, spritz some color over the labels.

TIP : Make sure to use spray paint in well-ventilated area an protect your surface by using a tarp or cardboard box.

For the labels:

Enjoy our free printable labels made by Crystal!

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