Happy 40th Birthday, Ryan Berube!!

(May 13, 2021)

Happy Birthday!


Every now and then, you meet someone who leaves an impression on your heart after one simple contact. For those who have met Ryan Berube, they understand exactly what I’m talking about. Ryan is a lifelong resident of North Ogden. Around age two, he was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle disease which causes the muscles to deteriorate over time, typically leading to limited use of one’s arms, legs, and other organs. Ryan, however, never let that deter his ambitious dreams!

Although unable to walk since late elementary school, he figured out how to do everything someone not in a wheelchair can do, including attending school dances, dating, backpacking, learning to drive a car with a hand control, serving a full-time mission, getting a college degree, and working multiple jobs. Creativity was key. Any regular shopper at Lee’s Marketplace can tell you Ryan knew where every item was, and if you needed anything while shopping there, he was the guy to ask.

In 2017, he met the love of his life, Amanda, and he’s now a happily married family man, helping his kids with homework, and continues his career at Associated Foods. Ryan, you are an amazing person and a true inspiration to your mom, dad, wife, family, friends, and community! Congratulations, Ryan, for far exceeding the medical world’s expectations and for not letting anything or anyone get in the way of your dreams!

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