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Grilling Season BEGINS!

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It’s spring and spring means grilling season officially begins!

For most backyard BBQ enthusiasts, spring, is when we hit the meat department and light the grill. If you are a pellet grill owner, you likely never put the grill away. Pellet grills offer the ability to cook over a wider temperature range, so most owners use them all winter long.

Springtime is, regardless of grill type, a good excuse to get that grill ready for the upcoming summer season. All grill types have one thing in common: they need to breath! Gas grills burners tend to plug up, charcoal grills build up grease and debris around the dampers, and pellet grills build up ash. Spring is a great time to clean the grill. Grease ash and food particles combine to form pockets and clumps that, if left, will often trap moisture which cause corrosion that will eventually ruin your grill. A good scraper and a shop-vac will usually cure this. Sometimes, additional work is required if rust or heavy corrosion exists in the case of aluminum grills. For this, some sanding and a quality high-temperature paint will do the job. I have a pellet grill now entering it’s 23rd season. I’ve disassembled and painted it twice in that period, and it works as good as new.

Give your grill a little love this spring, and it will love you back all summer.

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Easy Pork Loin Recipe

Prep the pork:
1 5-7 lb. pork loin
Green Mountain Grills Pork Dry Rub
Season loin liberally all over with rub

Start cooking:
Set grill to smoke at 180 degrees
Smoke approximately 3 hours
Loin finish temp 145-150 degrees
A quality instant read thermometer or the thermometer on the grill if so equipped is critical.
Slice 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 thick and enjoy!

• A little extra time cleaning and maintaining your grill will extend it’s life and help avoid surprises.
• Quality grill covers help keep the grill clean and dry
• A quality grill brush makes quick work of clean-up

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