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Holiday Gift Guide

For some of our readers, we know that you don’t really even think about what gifts you will give for Christmas until around the 24th of December at 4:50 p.m., while others of you already finished your shopping last January.

We wanted to put together a gift guide to talk about some of our favorite gifts that we have received or enjoyed giving over the years. We know sometimes it is difficult to decide what to give so here are some ideas that will make it easier for you and maybe even inspire some of you who procrastinate till the last moment to get your shopping done earlier this year.

One of our favorite types of gifts to give to our children has been learning experiences. One year Santa brought our family a new piano and so we gave our children piano lessons as a gift that year. Another gift we gave was gymnastic lessons and another year we gave ballet lessons and an outfit to go with their new classes. We did art lessons one year with a bunch of art supplies and guitar lessons with a new guitar. You could really be creative with this one. Hana Studio is a new advertiser and they will teach Polynesian fire knife dancing, Aerial Silk dancing, and other dance classes.

Some of the favorite gifts we have received have been from both of our moms. Momma Spelts one year gave us some frameless canvas pictures of each of our kids. We absolutely love these pictures. You can order yours from our advertiser, Quality Quick Print 801-528-3747. Another year, Momma Miller (Melissa’s mom) gave us a movie night package. She filled a large metal bowl with treats and a popcorn popper and kernels and a recent release DVD. We have used those things 100’s of times. You could put the packages together yourself or go see one of our new advertisers Popcorn Express and spice this gift up with gourmet popcorn and locally created specialty sodas, 801-510-5411.

We have listed some of the coolest gift ideas we could find this year, so keep reading!

For the Guys

Timbuk2 Messenger bag

This is one of the best messenger style computer bags I have ever owned. Such great features and protection for your computer and easy to wear and carry. Extremely functional and durable. Find them at

Apple Air Pods (Apple Users)

For my birthday this year, I received the new Apple Air Pods to go with my iPhone. I absolutely love these things. They are wireless and work like a charm. I have heard that they will work with Android but haven’t tried. The little case you carry around to keep track of them also charges them up so you can easily get a few full days out of the pods. They also work seamlessly and never fall out.

Watch Gang Watch program

Do you have a watch lover in your family? Last year we gave my dad a one-year membership to Plans start at $30 a month and you receive a new watch every month. Cool! Another watch option is the Garmin GPS Watch for the active person in your life. It will track your bike rides, runs or hikes as well as help you reach your fitness goals.

Bose Quiet Comfort Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones

These have been on my list for a long time. I love the idea of some peace and quiet while I work from my home office. They are a little spendy but I imagine they are worth every penny.

Wrangler Men’s Straight Fit 5 Pocket Pant

If you are on a tight budget, these could be great. One summer I was working in Eastern Idaho for a few days. Expecting warm weather, I packed only shorts. An unexpected storm moved in and it got quite cold. I ran to Walmart to pick up a pair of pants to get me through the week. Surprisingly, they are still the most comfortable pants I own. They sell for only $20 and they are the best! I had honestly never purchased any clothes at Walmart before but I am glad I did. They fit like jeans, look like a mix between khakis and slacks with just a very small amount of stretch in the fabric that makes them just perfect.

Ace Hardware options

There are many “manly” gift options available at our new Ace Hardware. At the top of my list there is the Yeti cooler and Traeger Grill. Wow, they are awesome. Oh and that locally owned Sure Can (Gas can) looks way cool too!

Ryan’s wishlist

A jacket from Taylor Stitch

The Winslow Parka in Olive – Reasonable Price

The Long Haul Jacket Black (new smart denim) – A little less reasonable…

The Moto Leather Jacket – not so reasonable…but way cool!

Pipe Dream wish list:

A Bull Frog Spa from the Cannery at North Ogden

For the Girls

Tile Bluetooth tracker

This one could be for anyone that struggles keeping track of their keys or anything really. It is a small square locater that uses Bluetooth technology and an app on your phone to help you find your keys, purse, or anything that you might misplace. You just attach this tile and then look it up on your smart phone.

A new pair of shades

Everyone loves sunglasses. We have a local resource here that has a great selection of quality sunglasses visit or call Rockwood Optometry to go see their selection. They have both prescription and non prescription sunglasses available, 801-701-7836.

Wool Slippers

There are lots of styles and options from home made sellers on

Inflatable kayak

You can find several options of these but one of our neighbors really loves the one she received as a gift a couple of years ago, great for the outdoorsy woman in your life.

Veggie Dome

Do you moms wish your kids would eat more veggies? Ryan gave me a new product that he found called the Veggie Dome. You can find it at search Veggie Dome. It will keep fresh veggies fresh on your countertop and the kids grab them for snacks. We were a little skeptical at first that our kids would eat the veggies but they love it and we are constantly refilling it.

Tickets for a Play

There are lots of options here, from as simple as going to the Weber High Play – Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Ticktes: or one of the community theaters nearby., or are great options. Another version of this would be to buy her tickets to a concert or the symphony.

Kitchen appliance

For the woman who enjoys cooking, a new Kitchen Aide or Bosch mixer is always a great option. One year Ryan got me a wheat grinder and we love it.


Jewelry is another great option. You can look at fine jewelry at locally owned Farr’s Jewelry (mention the magazine, we are trying to get them to advertise and they aren’t quite convinced yet ).

Warm blanket

How about just a great book and a warm blanket to snuggle up with this winter? Sometimes the most simple gifts end up being the best. This is a Utah based company that makes blankets.

House cleaning

The best gift I think I have ever received is weekly house cleaning by Got Dirt House Cleaning. I LOVE IT!! Call Tami-Jo at 801-645-0258.

New lighting

Brilliant Lighting is a great place for a new lamp or a beautiful ceiling fan. 801-782-8000. Utah Furniture Direct says that this time of year Dining Tables are the most popular, likely because of traditional entertainment and sharing of food with our families and friends 801-731-4546.

New rims

You could also give her some sweet new rims for the family car. You can spice up the soccer mom mobile with some cool new wheels from Big O Tires 801-737-4781.

Electric toothbrush

I love my electric toothbrush! I feel like my teeth come out so clean every time I use it. Mountain Springs Dental has a great offer for the New Smart Oral B Electric Toothbrush. It retails for $189 and they are offering special this winter for only $100. It syncs with your smartphone and helps keep your teeth extra clean, 801-782-9269.

Genealogy tool

We came across this super cool genealogy tool. It allows the capture of family information without having to scan and does it in a much better light. It is called the ShotBox and you can find it here

For the Teenagers


We did an article earlier this year on hammocking. The kids love it and it gets them outdoors exploring and having fun. Hammocks can be found reasonably at


Kids love hoodies! There are many options here from local boutiques like at the Cannery Center in North Ogden as well as Ume Boutique on 25th Street. Big and baggy is back in! They also love socks, nice comfy socks, and fashionable socks.

Tech winner

Our teens really want an Apple Watch.


Vans Shoes and Adidas are very popular. We keep telling the kids that we wore those back in the day but they don’t seem to mind.


A great pair of sunglasses are also a great option.

Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones are all the rage. There are lots of options at Best Buy and at

Winter gear

A new snowboard or skis, also a great option or even a season ticket to Snowbird or Nordic Valley, or a Lagoon Season Pass for next summer.


The best gift of all for teens is the easiest. Cash. Cold hard Benjamins that they can go spend on whatever they want.

For the littles


A bike is always a great option. We love Skyline Cycle and have purchased several bikes from there. Great prices and a really cool old building 801-394-7700. (Friends don’t let friends buy bikes at a big box store).

Activity pass

A season pass to The Tree House Museum or a family season pass to the North Shore Swimming pool for next summer.


Legos are great too. We recently took Grey to the BAM! Lego store in Ogden (west of Walmart) and he loved it. You can choose characters which are pre-made or make your own. You can also buy bulk legos for about $13 a pound. It is an awesome gift and a great place to bring the kids too.


One popular item from last year that was hard to find should be easier this year. Hatchimals Surprise. A super cute stuffed animal that actually hatches out of a large egg. Find on Amazon.


Squishies are so popular right now. Basically big memory foam semblances of fruit and other things. You can even get scented options. Just google scented jumbo squishy.


From kits that you can buy to buying the individual ingredients (Elmers Glue, Borax and food coloring for basic Slime) Google for more options. Our daughter constantly makes slime. A great gift for the crafty kid.

Think and learn cycle

Want them to be more active? The Fisher Price Think and Learn cycle pairs with a tablet and kids play games that also create exercise. Looks like fun…I wonder if they make an adult size version?

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