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Gear:30 – Improve Your Outdoor

GEAR:30 has been helping customers get the best quality equipment that they can trust in any condition. So whether it’s your first pair of trail running shoes, or you just need a re-up on camping meals and fuel, they have what you need to get outside and enjoy yourself.


GEAR:30 is Ogden’s premier mountain shop. Since 2012, they have provided high-quality gear for all kinds of outdoor adventures. This year has been unique. We are wrapping up the longest ski season on record, and the staff at GEAR:30 has been very busy. General Manager Greg Bean also works as a member of the ski-patrol at Powder Mountain. He’s been there for nine years. All but one of his staff are also members of the ski-patrol, and they have all been working hard for the last few months, but now it’s time to be back in the shop getting ready for summer.

Greg and his eleven-year-old son have been skiing every month for thirty-one consecutive months. “During the summer months, we find little patches of the snow high in the mountains. In this area, it requires travel. We’ve gone to the Bear Tooth Range, the Cascades, and even skied on Mt. Rainier. It’s something my son and I do together.”

Time in the wilderness is important to GEAR:30. “Our staff are all very experienced in the outdoors. We all spend time out there. Lots of the gear we use on the mountain comes from the store. We supply many of the patrol members with equipment. It’s import when conditions are difficult out there that we can count on our gear.” They have personally used much of the equipment they sell, and that gives them the knowledge to help customers find exactly what they need.

GEAR:30 is focused on providing high-quality equipment for a variety of sports. When you are on an adventure in the wilderness and performance is vital, you need to know you have excellent gear. What is your favorite way to enjoy the outdoors? They have equipment for hiking, camping, climbing, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.

This year, GEAR:30 is making a push to bring in some more car camping gear. They are focusing on bringing in some new products for the growing segment of people who want to enjoy the outdoors, drive to their destination and still be comfortable. For those of us with kids who might not be prepared for backpacking, this is a great way to enjoy the mountains.

Outdoor footwear is very important during the spring and summer. What do you need this year? GEAR:30 has a great selection of hiking boots, trail running shoes, Chaco sandals, and climbing and approach shoes. And their staff is prepared to provide expert advice to help you make the right choice.

“For the last two seasons, we’ve had a light selection of apparel. This spring, we’ll be revamping and expanding the summer apparel selections,” Greg reports. “We’re excited to offer a larger selection of summer outdoor clothing.”

Greg enjoys his work at the shop. “We love being part of the community here in Ogden. And we love serving the part of our population who look for adventure in the outdoors.”

Business: Outdoor Supply
1931 S Washington Blvd, Ogden

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