From the Mayor

I would like to express appreciation to our city council, city staff, and the citizens of North Ogden for allowing me to continue to serve as mayor for the year 2019.  It is certainly an honor to serve in this capacity recognizing the wonderful residents who live in this city.

During the month of February we celebrate three great holidays, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Presidents Day.  Each one of these holidays shows an expression of love and devotion to someone. 

Abraham Lincoln was one of the great presidents of our nation.  He took the Nation through some terrible times, with war and bloodshed rampant throughout the country.  He was able to bring unity back to the nation and sacrificed his life for freedom and peace.

Valentine’s Day is a day to express love and appreciation to those we hold near and dear to our hearts.  It is a reminder that we need to express our love continually on daily basis to our wives, family, neighbors and friends.  There is a lot of hate expressed throughout the world and if we are not careful it can filter down in our personal lives and to those we love the most.

Presidents Day is a day we pay tribute to the dedicated men who have led our country now and in the past.  We need to get behind these leaders with our support to help them be successful in preserving our nation and the freedoms we enjoy.  We don’t have to travel far to realize the gift of freedom we have and the importance of maintaining our allegiance to the Constitution of the United States.  It is an inspired document and has been tested many times in the past, but yet it is the foundation of hope we all have that it will continue to endure for many generations to come.

I hope we all recognize these holidays and what they stand for, and to build unity within our city and enjoy the great blessing of living in a wonderful place.

Happy Valentines Day!!

-Brent Chugg, Mayor

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