You likely noticed the fire on our mountains here in North Ogden that started mid-July. We called the North View Fire Department to find out more information. When the fire was initially found, the fire department made a plan with the number one focus to be containing the fire’s spread so that no houses would be in danger.

There were 80 firefighters who were committed to the scene, and two helicopters at the time this was written.

The southwest portion of the fire had two fire retardant dumps from a C-plane to ensure that the fire would not spread to any homes in the area. This plan worked out well. They also flanked the fire on the north side and kept it from spreading. The fire was fifty percent contained, and by the time you read this, hopefully, it will be one hundred percent out.

North View Fire Department led the fight initially, and, eventually, turned the operation over to the forest service when the fire had moved mostly on forest service land. The units involved from North View Fire District were Engine 21 and 22, Brush Truck 21 and 22, Chief 21 and 22, and Fire Marshall 21. The department also received help from the Weber Fire District from Brush Trucks 261 and 61. They also received help from the County Fire Warden, who acts as a liaison between local and state fire resources.

We are grateful for our firefighters and their efforts to protect the homes in our area and for the efforts to contain the fire so that it caused as little damage as possible to our beautiful mountains. The cause of the fire is under investigation, though the cause was not clear at the time this article was written.

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