Family Promise

Family Promise is an organization helping families in need of help during homelessness.

Transitional Homelessness impacts families across the nation. An unexpected critical illness, a loss of work, a divorce, and a multitude of other common life events lead to families having nowhere to live. These are not the chronic homeless. These are families with children who need a short term place to stay while they get back on their feet.

Since 1986, Family Promise and its partners, like North Ogden City, have provided a safe place to stay at night, warm meals, and local hospitality for 3 to 5 families at a time. Most importantly, Family Promise and its partners provide the hope that comes from knowing someone cares enough to help.

North Ogden City recently agreed to allow Family Promise to utilize the facilities available at the old fire station across the street from Lee’s Marketplace.

Families utilize these accommodations and the hospitality provided by local churches, volunteers, and communities each night. From 8am to 5pm the families are taken to a day center where they can shower, do laundry, care for preschool children, and, with help from volunteers and social service agencies, work to find employment and permanent housing. During the school year children go to school.

In Salt Lake City, 95% of families supported through Family Promise are on their feet and self sufficient two years after they receive help from the partners of Family Promise. 95%!

Volunteers are the heart of the Network; without them, it cannot exist. Volunteers provide a variety of services: cooking and serving meals, playing with children or helping them with homework, and staying overnight. Beyond providing lodging and meals, volunteers interact with the guests, treating them with respect and responding with compassion!

They need help!

Please consider volunteering to help lift a family in need.

Contact Family Promise of Ogden at 385-298-1081 or for more information.

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