Family Friendly Favorite


One of our favorite hikes is up to the rocky outlook overlooking the Ogden Valley. We love it because it is just the right mix of strenuousness and distance that the whole family can make the hike. Drive up the North Ogden pass and park in the parking lot. Cross over the road to the north and you will see the trail head.

There is a straight up path that is tougher but avoids the ruts on the switchbacks or you can take the switchbacks, which is an easier ascent, so we usually take that one.

The entire hike is just a short 2 miles long with about a mile of tree-lined back and forth, then it opens up and you will see some amazing vistas overlooking North Ogden, Ogden and the Ogden Valley.

You will know the place when you get there because you will reach a high turn in the path and there will be a rocky outcropping that will show you a stunning view of Eden, Liberty; and you can even see across to Wolf Creek as well as the far north corner of Pineview Reservoir. It is beautiful.

You can continue on this trail and after 16+ miles you will reach Ben Lomond Peak, but with the littles we usually just stop at the overlook. Take pictures and let us know how far you make it. Have a great hike!

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