Fall Fun!

Eyeball dig anyone? Here are some game and activities to enjoy the fall season with your kids.

If you are like us, 2020 has been and continues to be a roller-coaster. One of the most popular holidays for small children is just around the corner and we know for some of us, if not most of us, are a little nervous about trick or treating despite the standard mask-at-tire of that day. Here are some fun ways to add to the season, or to replace trick or treating at your house if you would like. Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year, you could make a day out of it. We hope you have a safe and fun halloween this year.

SLIME! There are countless recipes for slime on line. This one would take a little bit of prep, but we have had full-on slime parties before. There are even different consistencies. Get some purple and orange food coloring and you have yourself some Halloween slime.

Donut on a string game
Hang a line across an area. Protect the floor with a tarp, if indoors. Hang donuts from the line and let the kids try and eat the donut off of the string without using their hands (blindfolding is even better).

Pumpkin Painting/Carving Contest
If you spray paint the pumpkin with some primer, you can make some very fun designs with water paints.

Bowl full of candies
Children can reach in blindfolded and guess what candies they feel. They get to keep any they get right within a time limit.

Mystery Bowls
Eyeball Dig
• Make a big pot of spaghetti noodles and let cool.
• Hide some grapes, or toy eyeballs in the pot of cooled noodles
• Blindfold your victims and time how long it takes them to find all the eyeballs
Mystery Substances
Put these items in a bowl for a blind-folded kid to guess what it is
• Pudding in a baggy
• Slime/ silly putty
• Jello in a baggy

Guessing Bowl
Use an old jam or peanut butter jar and fill it with Jelly Beans, Starburst or another candy. Whoever gets closest wins the whole jar. This is fun for a family get together or party.

A Classic!
If you have a clean bucket, you can always do the old fashioned bobbing for apples. Fill with water and apples. You just need something deep enough to keep bobbers cant leverage the apples on the bottom of the container.

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