Employee Spotlight – Sarah May


Sarah, one of the biggest animal lovers you’ll ever meet, started her career with North Ogden City in early 2021 when she accepted the position of Community Service Officer. Sarah’s day-to-day duties are never the same and she can be pulled in multiple directions at any time, whether she’s being called to code enforcement complaints, animal control calls, or collecting and storing evidence collected by law enforcement as our evidence technician.

The professionalism she shows while responding to city ordinance complaints and violations is superior and her discretion for the sensitive evidence that she’s responsible for is outstanding; however, the respect and love she has for all animals is matchless. One of her greatest accomplishments was when she and another officer were able to save a drowning dog stuck in a concrete retention pond. She was able to return the dog home safely and said, “I’m always grateful for the good outcomes in situations like these. Being able to help those in need whether they’re animals or not is very rewarding.” No matter the job, Sarah always gives 110%.

She enjoys hiking, paddleboarding, traveling, hanging out with her friends and family, and of course, her dogs. If you have the chance to meet Sarah, ask her what fun activities her dog Maverik did that day at doggy daycare. She loves to talk about his playdates and his themed parties, and it will bring a smile to your face.

Her favorite thing about North Ogden is the “people I’ve come across, especially my co-workers. I truly believe I get to work with the best people out there. They truly are my second family, and I’ll always be grateful for them.”

Sarah, you are such an asset to our city, and we are grateful for you!

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