Employee Spotlight – Maria Cabrera


In one single moment, someone can, unfortunately and unknowingly, become a victim of a crime. They can be left with physical scars, emotional trauma, and feelings that they don’t know how to navigate. In a moment of crisis, you need someone to support you, care for you, and advocate for you. Maria is our victim advocate for North Ogden City and is specially trained to help victims of crime navigate the criminal justice system and to provide them with resources for further assistance. Each day, she reviews cases from the previous day and contacts her clients to explain next steps and to let them know what her role is in helping them. She attends court every Monday and keeps those she’s working with updated on their individual cases.

Maria has compassion for the individuals she works with, is empathetic, and listens intently to what her clients have to say. She fosters a cooperative working relationship and communicates in a professional manner, all while doing her best to help someone during a very trying time. Maria is someone you’d want in your corner.

She enjoys working in her garden, going on drives, and spending time with her family.

Maria’s favorite thing about North Ogden City is her coworkers. She says, “I love working with everyone in my department because they do whatever necessary to help me help the victims that I serve.”

Thank you for being a shining light for those who need it the most. We appreciate you!

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