Employee Spotlight – Josh Turner


We were lucky enough to snag Josh as a full-time employee after he worked as a seasonal for a few months, excelling in every job he was given. You never see Josh without a smile on his face which makes it difficult to be in a bad mood when he’s around.

Josh started as a park maintenance worker— mowing and edging the charming parks North Ogden offers, spraying weeds, and trimming shrubs and trees. Now, he’s our irrigation technician, where his day is filled with various sprinkler repairs and park maintenance, specifically making sure the roughly 65 acres of grass we maintain are watered so the parks retain their beauty. When he’s not working on sprinklers, he’s helping others in his own department or other departments within public works.

He’s proud that he’s been able to use his welding knowledge from the Ogden-Weber Technical College to simplify aspects of our park’s maintenance work. He’s had opportunities to work on sprinkler breaks and completely reconstruct valve boxes.

When he’s not in the irrigation trenches, he loves spending time with his family and friends, going to the movies, shooting, hunting, mountain biking, or anything else that will get him outside!

Josh’s favorite thing about North Ogden is “specifically those I work with and for. We have a very supportive crew who want the best for each other and for North Ogden Citizens. Maybe I’m biased, but North Ogden’s parks are pretty awesome, too!”

We are not biased, and we still know you’re a great addition to our team!

Thank You For All You Do!

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