Employee Spotlight – Colleen Phillips

Colleen is known around our office as the “Business License Guru” and has been with North Ogden City for five years. She doesn’t just know her job, she excels in her work each day. Aside from helping new business owners understand our city’s requirements to obtain a license and to conduct business in North Ogden, she manages all current licenses and makes sure all renewals are sent out on time. Colleen is a master at calendaring and makes sure that our three building inspectors always have everything they need to complete their daily inspections. She’s the first step in the building process and is well respected amongst the building and construction industry.

Prior to joining us at North Ogden, Colleen worked for Brigham City Corporation in accounts payable, helped residents with new utility services, and was responsible for the receipting of payments.

Colleen has worked hard at accomplishing her goal of becoming a certified business license official. The process took four years to complete, and we’re grateful for her dedication and the knowledge she gained.

When she’s not processing permits, she likes going to lunch with friends, helping her mom, and enjoying quality time with her 17 grandchildren.

Colleen’s favorite thing about North Ogden City is the people she works with. She says, “They are amazing, wonderful people whom I consider family.” We feel the same way about you, Colleen!

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