Employee Spotlight – Casey Hunsaker


Casey joined the North Ogden City family in 2014 when he was hired to work for Public Works, specifically in the streets department as a Utility Worker One. Casey continually wants to grow and is always doing what he can to improve his skills, keep up with ever-changing regulations, and build strong working relationships with everyone who has the privilege of working alongside him. Casey fulfilled all the requirements needed to move to a Utility Worker Two, and at that time was also promoted to street lead. In 2020, he added “emergency manager” to his title and quickly started completing the necessary certifications needed for emergency planning.

He is responsible for maintaining street signs throughout the community, maintaining roads, and evaluating the city’s mapping and emergency plans. His role was significant when our city experienced flooding earlier this year and he helped prevent homes from being damaged and kept the streets clear of debris.

Learning new software is never easy, but Casey became proficient in the new GIS (Geographic Information System), making this the work-related accomplishment he’s most proud of. We’re grateful for his dedication and passion for learning.

Casey is one of the most sincere and honest people you’ll ever meet. He does everything with intention and a clear goal that he’s working towards. He’s a prankster in the office, a devoted husband and father, and a genuinely good person.

He enjoys spending time with his wife and three girls, working in their yard. He says the best thing about working in North Ogden City is the feeling of family. “We often spend more time together than with our families, and it’s good to know that we have each other’s backs.”

We’ve got your back Casey and appreciate all you do!

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