Employee of the Year 2022 Awards

The employee of the year award is based upon the concept of promoting team spirit. We recognize and value the strength in our teams and will continue to encourage and support efforts in building a team environment.

Employees were nominated by their teammates, and the 2022 winners are as follows:

Administration Employee of the Year– Katie provides a welcoming and safe space for all employees at North Ogden City. She’s stepped into her role in Human Resources making sure everyone feels connected, heard, and respected. Her enthusiasm bubbles over as she helps coordinate city events, and she tends to be everyone’s cheerleader or a person of support when needed. She’s the first person to make a call when someone’s sick or going through difficult times, and she does her job with passion and an empathetic approach. Her spirit of kindness is simple and refreshing. Congratulations!

Parks and Recreation Employee of the Year– Justin has a wide variety of skills and can easily adapt to any situation. He’s an outstanding mentor for his team at the North Shore Aquatic Center and is always watching for people who need help on the job or in their personal lives. Justin runs a quality facility, going above and beyond to ensure everyone from patrons to his team has a great experience on a warm sunny day! He’s got a great work ethic, can turn anything he touches into success, and is known around of our office as the “jack of all trades.” In honor of his passion and inspiration to others, congratulations!

Public Works Employee of the Year 2022– Jaime creates a welcoming atmosphere for his team, has an incredibly contagious positive attitude, and is kind to everyone he works with. He’s dedicated, determined, and personable, and is a great example of being a team player. Jaime was a huge asset to the inspections team, enforcing SWPPP and Public Works Standards, and now leads his team as our Parks Supervisor. Here’s to celebrating his character and the positive impact he has on others. Congratulations!

Police Administration, Patrol, & Investigation Employee of the Year– Detective Holmes has handled several high-profile cases this year, along with having served on the Homicide Task Force. His resilience, courage, and perseverance have been noble attributes in following through on his cases, making sure that every detail is looked at. He takes on responsibilities with a great attitude and keeps a positive work environment flowing at the police department. Jake continues to seek out training opportunities to increase his on-the-job knowledge and has grown tremendously this past year. His commitment to our community has been exemplary. Congratulations!

Police & Court Department Staff Employee of the Year– Lorrie plays a vital role in keeping our chief and lieutenants heading in the right direction. She’s committed to making sure that our officers have what they need to perform their duties smoothly and has been an unforgettable leader to the young men and women in the youth court that she’s led as the Youth Court Administrator. Lorrie has a heart of gold and is one of our family in blue’s greatest fans. Those who know Lorrie benefit from her work and the influence she has on others. Her positive and unwavering attitude is infectious, and she’s left her mark on our city. Congratulations!

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