Employee of the Month: Laura Barker

Laura is the Court Clerk for the North Ogden Justice Court. She has been working for North Ogden City since 2001. Laura supervises a team which consists of her and two part-time court clerks.

Laura does a great job seeing that all criminal and civil cases that come through the court are handled in a timely and professional manner. It is because of Laura that each and every court session runs as smoothly as it does. In her position, she must be an advocate for the Judge, the prosecutor, defense attorneys, victims, witnesses, defendants, and everyone in between. This is not an easy task, but due to Laura’s exceptional work ethic and dedication, she makes it look easy. Laura’s co-workers thoroughly enjoy working with her. She is a great team player and is kind and generous. In Laura’s off time, she is an accomplished viola player, plays for various symphonies, and is a member of the Orchestra at Temple Square.

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