Employee of the Month

Rob Scott

Rob Scott has been with the City for just over four years as the planning director. Rob has an extensive history in Planning and has worked for several organizations in Davis County, Weber County, Medford Oregon, as well as participated in several planning and community oriented organizations. Rob has helped guide the planning staff and City Council through some of the most difficult development proposals the City has seen. Rob’s professional approach to the land use process is very appreciated by the various applicants who consistently tell the City leadership how nice it is to work with Rob and his team.

Rob and his family enjoy the outdoors and spend a lot of time at their property up in the hills working on the family yurt and creating a little piece of paradise. Rob also has a great collection of wildlife photos and other items he has gathered through the years.

Community Question Corner

Question:   What is the Budget Process? 

Answer: We have had several questions come up about the budget process and how the City approves a specific budget with associated expenditures. The budgeting process is a Legislative process, which means it has to be reviewed and approved by the elected officials of the City. Most budget items are not voted upon by the general public. Currently, the finance department works with the Mayor and individual department heads to come up with a Draft Budget. This document is then presented to the City Council for their consideration. The Council holds several public meetings to discuss the various items which have been requested in the budget, often on a line by line review. Most of the larger projects are Council-driven projects coming from the vision/goals of the Mayor and Council members. Before a Tentative Budget is approved, the Council holds a public hearing where any member of the public is invited to attend and provide feedback about the proposed expenditures. Once a Final Budget has been approved any changes to the amount allocated to each department or capital project need to be approved in a budget amendment. The Council may amend the budget at any time during the fiscal year (July-June) after a 14-day notice period and public hearing on the proposed amendments.

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