Employee of the Month

Ryan Carter was asked to step into the role of maintaining our Water Meter Reading Systems near the end of 2016. We are just over half way through the transition from drive-by reading to Fixed Base Meter Reading. Ryan took the systems over and has really put in a lot of work to get to know the systems. He uses four different programs currently to work through the process of reading and troubleshooting the water meter reading systems. He meets once a month with the representative from Master Meter, our fixed-base system vendor. Together they visit the “not received” meters, and any trouble meters. Ryan has been able to learn from them and also helps to train the rest of the water department on anything that needs to be addressed. Ryan has even learned a few things that the Master Meter Rep’s were not aware of. Ryan has done a great job with this huge assignment and we are grateful for all he does with regard to the Metering Systems. Ryan has been in the water department for three years. He is hardworking and a valuable member of the team.

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