Employee of the Month

Lorrie Frazier

Lorrie Frazier is the Administrative Executive Secretary and Office Manager for the North Ogden Police Department. Lorrie has been with the Police Department since September of 2012; prior to that she was with North Ogden Parks and Recreation for six years.

Lorrie has many responsibilities, but most of her time is spent supervising police office personnel and police records, as well as coordinating public relations events. Lorrie also assists with the Tri-City Youth Court program which has proven to be a huge success, thanks in part to her efforts. She also takes time from her personal life to volunteer with the police department’s Sub-for-Santa program which helps multiple families in need each holiday season. Lorrie exhibits dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail in everything she does.

Lorrie’s positive attitude, laughter, and smile make for a pleasant and uplifting atmosphere within the office. Lorrie is an exceptional team player and is a great example to everyone with whom she works .

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