Employee of the Month

Trent Wilkins

Trent, or “Ottis” as his coworkers prefer to call him, has been with the City for 16 years. He is the Sanitary Sewer Superintendent. There is about 100 miles of sewer lines in the City that Trent and his staff clean, maintain and monitor. Trent holds a Level III Waste Water Collection certificate with the State of Utah.

Trent works hard and is willing to help other departments out as needed. He is currently spearheading the demolition of two houses on 2600 North.

Thank you Ottis for all you do to make North Ogden a great place to live.

Employee of the Month-October


Bowen Koenig

Bowen Koenig has only worked in the water department for nine months; however he handled a challenging week in May like a seasoned pro.

The office staff called him to notify him about the leak at 2700 N 450 E.  He quickly determined the problem and shut the water main down.  Bowen collected the necessary repair parts, and with assistance from the maintenance crew, got the valve fixed and restored water to the main.

Friday of the same week another valve issue at 2650 N 950 E was called in with water in the road.  The crew quickly repaired the gate valve and restored service.

Bowen professionally handles every situation he is faced with. That dedication is why he is our October Employee of the Month.

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