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Gabe Mata

E-5 Sergeant – United States Marine Corps

Officer Mata enlisted in the military in June 2015 and proudly served through June 2020. Enlisting in the Marines, known for their rigorous training and demanding service, speaks to his desire to face challenges head- on. His most notable memory was training alongside the Filipino Marines. The harsh weather conditions and physically demanding tasks tested his endurance and resilience and made him appreciate the simple comforts of home even more. His time, training, and experience as a Marine disciplined and humbled him in ways he could never have imagined. Carrying heavy packs, weapons, and survival gear during grueling hikes through deserts, mountains, and jungles gave him a deep sense of gratitude for safety and security, which is often taken for granted. Transitioning into a career as a North Ogden City police officer is commendable, and his commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents is deeply appreciated.

Jeremy Hindes

Senior Airman – United States Air Force

From a very young age, Lieutenant Hindes knew that he wanted to enlist and serve in the Air Force due to his family’s strong military background. His father, his three brothers, and his daughter have served our country. He enlisted in 1992 and proudly served until 1996, during the period following Desert Storm and before the War in Afghanistan. While his orders for deployment to Saudi Arabia were canceled, his willingness to serve during a time of uncertainty speaks to his character. Lieutenant Hindes was a military police officer and transitioned to a civilian officer, serving a total of 31 years as of today. His military background paved a strong foundation for his career as a public servant, where his exceptional compassion and dedication to helping those who have been victimized continually shines through. His efforts to ensure the safety of our residents have played a significant role in making North Ogden a great place to live.

Bret Bergstrom

Sergeant/United States Army Reserve

Officer Bergstrom enlisted in the military at the age of 17, instilling in him values like discipline, respect, and a deep love for his country. His decision to join the military was influenced by his family’s legacy and President John F. Kennedy’s famous quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” His dedication to our country’s values and desire to serve are commendable. One of the most significant aspects of his military service is the strong bonds and friendships he’s formed and kept with people from diverse backgrounds. His admiration for the officers from the NYPD and Port Authority Police who responded heroically during the 9/11 attacks inspired him to continue to serve in his role as a North Ogden City police officer. He has found similarities between his military service and his current role; both careers have high standards and professionalism for the people he serves. We admire you, Officer Bergstrom, and thank you for your continued service to our country and our community.

Kayd Averett

E-3 (Lance Corporal) – United States Marines

Officer Averett fulfilled his childhood dream of serving his country when he enlisted in the Marines in 2006, right out of high school. With their reputation of being the hardest, he wanted to prove to himself that he could accomplish anything he set his mind to. His ability to challenge and push himself is a testament to his determination and dedication not only in his military career, but daily as he serves our community. His memory of training with Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell and his UFC crew on the beach in San Diego was a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity and a moment that he’ll never forget. Officer Averett not only provides a sense of security to our community but is an indispensable leader in a variety of situations and makes a significant impact on those around him.

Jon Ungard

Master Sergeant – United States Airforce (Retired)

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, Detective Ungard enlisted in the military and served a full career before retiring in 2014. During his military career, he held a vital role as an F-16 Crew Chief and later as the Lead Crew Chief on the Air Combat Command Single Ship F-16 Demonstration Team. His deployments to the Middle East and South Korea proved his dedication to his country and the sacrifices he was willing to make. The camaraderie he developed with his crew will never be matched again and is something he misses to this day. Prior to retirement, he attended the WSU Police Academy and served as a part- time officer during the last two years of his Air Force Career. Since 2021, Detective Ungard has been a valuable member of our community, and his experience gained during his military service has undoubtedly made him an asset to our city.

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