Economic Development Updates

Highway 89 North of 2700 N, in this area of the City, it too faces challenges on access to Highway 89 since this road is owned by UDOT as well.

On the West side of the Highway, UDOT only allows three access points, 1100 W, 1325 W, and 1500 W. I consistently get asked, “Why doesn’t the city allow those properties to get developed?” It is because of the access points.

In order to develop the land, the property owner would need to build a road from their property to the closest intersection available, listed above. Roads are extremely expensive to build, not to mention they use up valuable real estate, plus the closest drive way/road allowed by the UDOT road may be 200 ft. back. That would put the road in approximately the middle of some of those properties. Now, if a neighboring owner is not willing to allow access across their property or does not have the funds to pay for their road, development stops.

Here is a prime example on Highway 89. At 1325 W. and Highway 89 on the West side of the Highway, the City owns a detention basin there. The City has received a RAMP grant to turn that into a sports complex, it will be the size of two football/Lacrosse/soccer fields, a parking lot for approximately 100 cars and a future restroom. In order for the City to use this facility, UDOT is requiring that the City build a 200 ft. long City road in order to have access and UDOT is requiring a traffic study before that access can be granted.

On the South side of 2700 N. development is in progress, an Emergency Room facility is going through the process to start building on the South East corner of 600 W. and 2700 N. I am hopeful that this daily traffic will attract other business into this area on the other three corners of 600 W. and 2700 N.

All along the South side, access is limited by UDOT. There is the existing road at Hillsborough Dr and a future access at 750 W. (This would need to connect from 2700 N. to 2500 N. and would require a lot of valuable real estate). Since this section has access to 2550 N as well, it is our hopes that these sections might develop into large master planned development, which could include retail, office and even residential uses.

For the North side of 2700 N. access is limited again by UDOT. The major access would more than likely be 600 W. at the required distance off 2700 N. Along the West side of 600 W, due to limited access, it lends itself to perhaps a professional type office on the corner with some type of residential component along the narrow, less than 300 ft wide strip, which would also provide a buffer to the existing residential development. Along the East side of 600 W. is just as difficult. This is an 11-acre parcel on the corner and another 11-acre parcel to the East with no access to 2700 N. Since there is at least some size at this corner, perhaps this may work for some type of master planned development as well.

On 2700 N. from I-15 going East UDOT is beginning to install a median all the way to Rulon White Bl., thus restricting access to those businesses along 2700 N and access to Parkland Bl. Yes, UDOT can do this, they own the road and limit where you can access those properties.

At the North-West corner of 2700 N. and Rulon White Blvd., we have a convenience store, gas station, carwash and food combo starting the building process right now. The City, through the Redevelopment Agency, is participating in building/extending Rulon White Bl. to the North. I am currently working with CSM on continuing Rulon White Bl. North and intersect it with Parkland Bl. to help further the development of this area, plus this will give additional access for the future Commercial Development Area we are creating.

On the West boundary of Pleasant View City and the East boundary of Farr West City, the Cities have created an agreement to form a Commercial Development Area (CDA). This will allow the Cities to take the tax increment funding to necessitate the needed infrastructure to help this area develop into what we hope will be a large retail development with office and professional space surrounding it with the possibility of additional housing and industrial uses. It is important to note, that once this progresses along, UDOT (since they own the road), will install another traffic light at the location where the canal is currently.

I hope this gives you an idea of development in the City. It is not that the City does not want development, it is the development that seems to not want us. Managing the access with UDOT is our challenge and working with developers to take a financial risk and build in our City, knowing that someday this section of 2700 N. could have a median installed as well.

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