Early results from Mountain Springs Esthetix

Mountain Springs Esthetix celebrates six months in the community with several fun stories to share. Our first client discovered the spa after his eye doctor recommended a surgery to lift his brow off of his eyelid, so he could see better.

Lid Lift: On the very first visit, we were able to lift the heavy lid and improve his vision with a simple non-invasive brow lift. It was so non-invasive, he fell asleep during the procedure. This is the first of several sessions, so we are excited to see the lid continue to lift.

Neck/Jowl Tightening: The next fun story follows the tightening of the jowl and neck. This client didn’t feel the last spa really heard what she wanted. After her first visit, she knew we were the right fit for her. She enjoys the comfort each visit brings and was pleased that her husband noticed the improvements right away!

There’s no needles, knives, or noxious chemicals, so there’s rarely any bruising or soreness afterwards, and often, the treatment involves a nap while the clinician gently encourages the skin to tighten and hold. Since this treatment encourages a natural process, multiple sessions are the rule, each one building on the progress of the last session until the skin is stabilized. Afterwards, semi-annual visits help maintain the progress.

Wrinkle Reduction: Here is a great example of wrinkle reduction. If you’ve been following Mountain Springs Esthetix on our Facebook page, you’ll recognize this from one of our demonstration videos. We love how the wrinkles under the eye vanished and the crow’s feet to the side are starting to fade.

This is a small sample of what the spa does. Other services include:
• Lip Plumping
• Body Contouring
• Skin Rejuvination
• Hair Removal
• Blemish Solutions

To see more “before and afters” go to www.MountainSpringsEsthetix.com.

FIND US! We are conveniently located inside Mountain Springs Dental off Lomond View Dr.

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