Dear Pleasant View Readers


In the past four years, we have created this Pleasant View Connection magazine. When we started our company, we wanted to help create connection within our community. Even though we live in North Ogden, we are right on the border, and many of our friends and neighbors are from Pleasant View; naturally, we wanted to create a magazine for both North Ogden and Pleasant View. We approached both cities, and North Ogden signed up to be our first customer; Pleasant View declined our offer. We decided that we would do the magazine anyway, and we have loved doing so. We have made so many wonderful friends and are grateful for every one of you. As you might imagine, when something like a COVID-19 pandemic happens and tightens finances, it makes businesses re-evaluate some things. Printing a glossy magazine like this is very expensive. In reviewing our expenses, we have realized that in order to make a unique version of the Pleasant View magazine, we are paying a significant amount of money in extra costs: roughly $1200/month. Although we love Pleasant View, we cannot afford to continue paying extra to print your unique version of the magazine without city support. We have once again approached the city and asked them to sign up as an official city with us. This would give the city access to more pages in the magazine and give them the ability to help review each issue to ensure that we get all of the information correct for the Pleasant View pages of the publication. We would be the official city newsletter.

The city council is meeting on September 8th to discuss the publication and determine if they would like to partner with us to keep the Pleasant View Connection magazine in print. It would cost the city $800 per issue, which would cover the cost of our postage. This is less than what we pay to print the Pleasant View version of the magazine, so we would still be subsidizing the publication, but it would make it worthwhile for us to continue. We would continue to write Pleasant View-specific histories, Pleasant View City news, and a Mayor’s message, similar to what you have been receiving. The main difference would be that the city would get more space and play a bigger role in the content. If the city council declines our offer, we will immediately stop publishing the Pleasant View version of the magazine (this will be the last one that you are reading now) and begin sending you the North Ogden version of the magazine. I know this would not be ideal, but it would be necessary. We hope to be able to keep publishing the magazine, and so we encourage you to ask your city council members to vote “yes” for a Pleasant View Connection magazine.

While we hope this isn’t the last magazine, we understand the city council gets to make the decision. If this happens to be the last Pleasant View Connection, we just want to say that we love you and are grateful for the last four years. Pleasant View is an awesome place, and we love being your neighbors. We hope that you will still be readers! Even though the magazine says North Ogden at the top, you will still be able to enjoy our content.

Melissa and Ryan Spelts

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