Constitution Bee– Competition Winners

L to R: Shiree Kimball, Charles Kimball,
Sam Kimball, Emily Nielsen, Reed Miller,and Shirley Passey


Two students from North Ogden Elementary School, Sam Kimball, and Conner Toole, participated in a statewide competition and brought home 2nd place in the annual Constitution Bee.

Sam and Conner joined with Taylor Wimmer of Ogden and KaitLyn and Lewis Krauss of Pleasant View to form a team they called the Freedom Warriors where they competed against 14 other teams in the elementary school age division. Earlier in April were the junior high and high school division Constitution Bee events. The elementary school-age competition was held at the historic Utah State Capitol Rotunda on April 26, 2023.

The Constitution Bee is a Jeopardy-like question-and-answer event with questions strictly from the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and other Amendments to the Constitution.

L to R: Taylor Wimmer, Lewis Krauss, Celeste Krauss, and KateLyn Krauss.

Two teams compete at a time. A team member who is the first to buzz in after a question is asked then gets to answer the question. A correct answer gives the team 10 points. Twenty questions are given in a round. The team with the most points after the 20 questions wins the round. Each team played in 6 different rounds against 6 different teams. The 8 teams with the top point totals competed in the championship bracket. After 3 more rounds, the champion was crowned.

Sam Kimball and Conner Toole with their Freedom Warrior team were seated in 1st place going into the championship bracket competition. They finished in 2nd place overall.

L to R: Randy Bird, Sharon Brown, Conner Toole, Kaitlan Toole, and Heidi Montague

For their buzzer-beating effort and correctly answered questions, the Freedom Warriors received a large team trophy and a small individual trophy. The team won a $50 cash award that was split among the 5 team members. In addition, the team members received a silver medal attached to a red, white, and blue lanyard, as well as a certificate signed by the director of the Constitution Bee, Dalane England.

The main purpose of the Constitution Bee is for students to increase their knowledge of our most important national documents—the Declaration of Independence, and The U.S. Constitution.


Sam Kimball and Conner Toole and all of the Freedom Warriors!

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