Congratulations on Your Retirement–Lorrie Frazier


Her sights are set on retirement as we prepare to say “see you later” to Lorrie Frazier, our devoted and loyal team member for the past 16 years. Lorrie began her adventure with North Ogden City in the Parks and Recreation Department in 2006 as a Special Events Coordinator and grant writer, helping the city to secure almost one million dollars for our charming parks and what would be called the Community Garden. Lorrie was the go-to Cherry Days planner for many years and spent months planning every detail of the event, making sure it all went off without a hitch.

Six years later, in September 2012, Lorrie saw a long-term, stable opportunity at the police department and jumped at the chance to apply. Even though it was very hard for her to leave her colleagues and friends in the Parks Department, she was excited about a new challenge. Her transition from Parks to Police was smooth, and she quickly took a good records department and made it great. As Chief Quinney said, “she is so resourceful and efficient that it was inevitable that she would make things better. There was nothing Lorrie couldn’t do. Lorrie has a great personality and an upbeat attitude and never has a bad thing to say about anyone. Once in a while, as she put it, she would have to use her “mommy” voice, but it was always warranted.” Lorrie looked at her new role as an opportunity to build a strong foundation in the community by expanding her knowledge and skills.

Lorrie is an outstanding event planner not only with in-house events but with public relations events as well. Sub for Santa and the annual golf tournament were just two events that Lorrie embraced and received wholeheartedly. When she heard the news of a new baby being born into the police family, she immediately began working on a crocheted baby blanket in anticipation of their arrival.

Lorrie was not only the office manager but a mentor and friend to those she worked alongside. She always offered her support and a listening ear when someone had been through a traumatic event, and never missed a birthday or celebration amongst her co-workers.

In 2016, Lorrie and Sergeant Child implemented the Tri-City Youth Court, giving teens who had made minor mistakes the opportunity to make amends before their cases were escalated to the justice system. Lorrie has a tender heart and cares deeply for the youth in our city, always wanting to see them succeed and continue down a path of greatness.

Lorrie has spent countless hours working with the Ogden City Police Department on the Citizen Police Academy, a program aimed at informing citizens of the role of all Weber County’s first responders.

She has made many friends over the years and “loves the people in the community.” Lorrie is excited to “take a breath” and spend quality time with her family and friends. We will all miss you, Lorrie.

Retirement Open House

Please join us for Lorrie’s retirement open house on April 27th from 2 – 4 p.m. at City Hall, 505 E. 2600 N., North Ogden.

Come and wish her well and enjoy a light refreshment!

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